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Worldwide artlovers!

We give a face to the worldwide admirers of my artwork:


I've been very creative with AUREALIS CREATIEF for one year now!  What started with little steps in September 2018, grew into a great story: my own logo, the first illustrations, a first webshop, ...

It started with a first sale in Canada - a children's T-shirt - then followed by many other locations: Germany, America, Sweden, Spain, ... Yes, even in Australia :-)

A collection that did appeal to my audience!  

Admirers of art picked my work above millions of others.
#1Year #Artlovers

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artlovers 2019

To my admirers:
"Thank you!  You're amazing! Have a lot of fun with it!! "

Keep sending me a picture with your purchase and your personal story!
Was it for a special occasion?
Did you get great reactions?
Do the kids love the 'fan art'
Or is it just as cool as the petrolhead artwork?
I'm curious !!


Some of the creations we're proud of ...


  1. puffins-pillow-redbubble
  2. dreamgirl-katie-autumn
  3. Petrolhead-shop
  4. Redbubble-floorpillow-toerisme
  5. cooking-puffins
  6. Northernlights-Moose-scandinavia

More creations can be found in our shop

We also made business cards, guest cards, a special birth announcement card, ... and we launched some personal projects too: the polar animal collection, dreamgirls, ... which all were very much appreciated. 

We explore our creativity for 200%!

And our target is:


Don't forget to dream

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  2. Storytelling
  3. logo-corporateIdentity
  4. wallpaintings-wallmurals
  5. shop
  6. websites

Design is my life, my play, my world

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